Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design, Art Institute of Portland, Portland, Oregon, with Honors 2006
Bachelor of Arts in English and Performing Arts, Colby College, Waterville, Maine, Magna Cum Laude 1993

Work Experience and Clients

Lead UX designer and programmer, Umpqua Bank, Tigard, Oregon (Kearsty Schneider) 2015-2016
Project: 10-month contract to overhaul legacy library to an HTML5 site + multiple other outputs.
Tasks: Conceive, design, and build an overhaul of the company’s mortgage education portal.

Lead technical writer, PacifiCorp (Greg Lyons, Josh Jones) 1997-2014
Lead writer, graphic designer, blogger, editing team trainer, and communications contact.
Tasks: Develop and publish legally-binding print and online publications according to AP style.
Awards: Most recent publications won awards from the national Society for Technical Communication.

Copywriter and graphic designer, Visage Eyewear (Jason Enders) 2003-present
Deliverables: Ad campaigns, web design and maintenance for, social media and web content,
magazine advertisements, photography.

Graphic designer, Teutonic Wine Company (Barnaby Tuttle) 2004-present
Deliverables: Hundreds of spirited and celebrated wine labels, promotional materials, unexpected brand
incarnations and large-scale signage for international markets.

Copywriter and graphic designer, Papa Haydn and JoBar Restaurants (Evelyn Franz) 2007-present
Deliverables: Ad campaigns, graphics and brand strategy to update the business image and products for a wide array of
printed collateral, from online advertisements to large-scale building signage.

Graphic designer, Dominio IV Winery (Patrick Reuter) 2014-present
Deliverables: Imaginative wine labels in two ongoing series, web consulation.

Blogger, PICA (Jorg Jakoby, Patrick Leonard) 2007-2013
Tasks: Volunteer photographer and blogger for the TBA press corps, six years running.

Copywriter, brand strategist and designer, Pamela Goldsmith, Master Classical Guitarist 2006-present
Deliverables: Branding, logo and collateral including logo, website:,
advertisements, posters and artwork, and packaging for multiple albums.

Graphic designer, ORANGE Design and Construction (Chad Wykhuis)
Deliverables: Identity package, website, collateral, and advertisements.

Graphic designer, Townsend Real Estate, Portland, Maine (Kathy Townsend)
Deliverables: Award-winning identity package with logo, large wooden signs, collateral, brochures and advertisements.

Graphic designer, Downtown Gynecology PDX (Dr. Elizabeth Newhall)
Deliverables: Highly interesting feminist identity package including logo, website, printed collateral and brochures.

Copy editor and graphic designer, The High Rollers Derby Team (Meghan O’Connell)
Tasks: Design and write for a gritty and fun website with animation: Provide ongoing support
for web maintenance and merchandise design.

Brand strategist and designer, Re/MAX Equity, (Liz Lynn)
Deliverables: Identity package for a branch team, including logo, collateral, web design and brand strategy.

Graphic designer and copywriter, Lilith Boutique (Snowzie Vinar)
Deliverables: Mailers, event posters, monthly ads, specialty websites, ad campaigns, signage, and beautiful printed collateral.

Graphic designer and copywriter, Frock Boutique (Angie Coffin)
Deliverables: Fancy printed collateral such as gift certificates.

Graphic designer and copywriter, Fashion by Flashlight (Ali Wykhuis)
Deliverables: Event posters, ads, postcards, web imagery.

Skills Software Proficiencies
writing, editing, copywriting, topic-based authoring Adobe Photoshop XML, HTML, CSS
brand identity and strategy Adobe Illustrator MS Office Suite, social media
graphic design Adobe InDesign Quark
blogging, theme customization Wordpress, Bootstrap Flare, Framemaker
digital illustration Madcap Flare Acrobat Professional

People have been saying…

“Our website was mentioned in front of the entire league as amazing.” -Meg O’Connell, Rose City Rollers
“The work you showed us is incredible. I mean it; I am blown away.” -Eric Sokol, Whitten Architects
“Thanks, Sara; our service manual is very well-written.” -Bill Cunningham, Manager, PacifiCorp Assets